Top RB Taylor Tatum Commitment Oklahoma | 2024 Recruiting

The Taylor Tatum commitment Oklahoma news has sparked immense excitement in the football world. Oklahoma’s 2024 recruiting rankings got a significant boost with the acquisition of a commitment from the nation’s top-rated running back, Taylor Tatum. This Longview High School, Texas prodigy announced on a recent Friday afternoon his decision to align his college football future with Oklahoma. This pledge instantly catapulted the Sooners from being unranked in the top-25 to an impressive No. 16 spot in the 2024 national recruiting cycle.

Taylor Tatum: The Game-Changer

Standing at 6-feet and weighing in at 200 pounds, Tatum is a force to be reckoned with on the field. His impeccable skills and raw talent had garnered offers from 38 different programs, including football powerhouses such as Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, and Michigan, to name a few. However, he chose to bring his talent to Oklahoma, becoming the Sooners’ only five-star prospect among 15 hard commits.

In the broader landscape of the recruiting rankings, Georgia comfortably maintains its top position, with Ohio State, Florida, and Michigan hot on their heels. Other teams such as Alabama, Clemson, and Penn State are also making significant strides.

More About Taylor Tatum

Taylor Tatum hails from Longview High School, Texas, where he played as a running back. According to 247Sports’ composite rankings, he sits as the No. 1 running back in the nation, ninth overall in Texas, and 31st nationally for the class of 2024.

As a junior during the 2022-23 season, Tatum showcased his exceptional talent in 13 games, amassing a whopping 1,840 rushing yards from 206 carries, which translates to 8.9 yards per carry. He also clocked in 33 touchdowns, contributing to his impressive career total of 36 touchdowns. These impressive stats and his commitment to Oklahoma set the stage for an exciting ‘Orange County Football Season 2023’.

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