Ravenswood Football Stands with Jaden Sayre in Recovery

On June 2nd, a dreadful accident occurred involving Jaden Sayre, who was hit by a vehicle while riding his motorcycle. Eric Hupp, Ravenswood High School’s head football coach, immediately had a gut feeling that Jaden was the one involved in the hit and run incident that popped up in an alert. Jaden Sayre Recovery Journey.

Hupp shared his initial reaction: “Text comes across Jackson County discussion page. ‘19-year old head-on motorcycle.’ And it was the weirdest thing I ever had. I looked at my wife and I said, ‘Oh my God. I bet you it’s Jaden.’ I don’t know why. I just had a gut feeling it was Jaden. Few minutes later, we get confirmation, Jaden’s involved in a hit and run. Somebody hit him on his motorcycle. My heart just sunk.”

The collision left Jaden with several severe injuries, including fractures to his femur, pelvis, and tibia. Despite the tragic circumstances and the skepticism of others about Jaden’s future in football, Coach Hupp believes in Jaden’s resilience and is optimistic about his return to the field for Hocking College. Jaden Sayre Recovery Journey.

Hupp said, “You know, I’ve known this kid since third grade. He’s been kind of my kid and I’m telling you, he’s the toughest kid in the world. I wouldn’t count him out on never playing football again. Just being honest with you. He’s that tough a kid. You know he’s already trying to stand up and walk on one leg. The stuff that that kid will do will amaze people. And I wouldn’t count him out on not playing college football yet.”

Jacob Burgess, one of Jaden’s ex-teammates, also highlighted Jaden’s optimism as a driving force for his recovery. He believes that Jaden’s desire to return to the football field is a significant factor in his healing process.

The community’s support has touched Burgess, who said, “I mean, I think it’s a great thing to see everyone supporting him. It really shows you that Ravenswood football is a family and that everybody is here for everybody. And to support everyone.”

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