Keith Noel: Former Player to Head Coach of Kennebunk High School Rams

Keith Noel, a former Kennebunk High School Rams football player, is now stepping up to lead the team as their new head coach. Noel’s appointment came in late March, after serving as the team’s assistant coach for several years. He succeeds coach Joe Rafferty, who retired after decades of service and is now a state senator in the Maine Legislature.

Noel is excited for the opportunity and plans to carry forward Rafferty’s focus on being involved with the players and ensuring everyone feels welcome. He aims to create a positive experience for all team members.

A 2001 Kennebunk High School Rams graduate, Noel holds a degree in physical education from Plymouth State College, now Plymouth State University, in New Hampshire. He currently teaches health and physical education at the Middle School of the Kennebunks and previously taught at the former Sanford Junior High School. Before joining Rafferty, Noel worked with Mike Fallon, head football coach at Sanford High School.

As head coach, Noel envisions establishing a community-wide football program that connects local youth programs with the high school team. He hopes to see high school football players interact more with younger athletes, such as joining flag football practices on school nights, fostering stronger community bonds.

Football has been a significant part of Noel’s life since he was a child. He fondly recalls attending KHS football games with friends and exchanging high-fives with the players. Noel hopes that the new athletic facility under construction at Kennebunk High will foster even more memorable moments for children and the community alike.

“With the new stadium, that’s going to be hopefully even more jam-packed on Friday nights,” he said.

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