Mitch Cohen Takes Over as Head Coach at Morrisville

Mitch Cohen, a seasoned defensive coordinator and former assistant coach at Conwell-Egan and Bensalem, has now stepped up to be the head football coach at Morrisville. This news comes with much excitement, as expressed by Drew Markol from Philly Burbs. Cohen seems highly enthusiastic and has a clear vision for his new role.

Cohen’s main focus is to ensure the students fully embrace the strategies proposed by him and his coaching staff. He has a great respect for his predecessor, Steve Schweiker, underlining that the former head coach laid a solid groundwork. Cohen’s vision is to amplify this foundation and propel the team to greater heights.

Expressing his optimism, Mitch Cohen Head Coach Morrisvillesaid, “We’re looking to take things to the next level and I believe we can do that. We just need to help build up the confidence of the kids and get Morrisville back on the football map.”

Morrisville is classified as a PIAA Class A program and is second-smallest in District One in terms of school enrollment. Despite a challenging season last year with only one victory out of nine games, the team shows promise. Cohen underlined that even in their losses, three were by a mere combined 10 points, demonstrating the team’s potential. The ultimate goal is to break their dry spell, as they haven’t had a winning season since 2010.

Cohen is confident about the future, stating, “We’re going in the right direction. Our lifting program is getting there and our numbers are pretty good.” Mitch Cohen Head Coach Morrisville appointment is bringing a wave of enthusiasm, rekindling hopes for a revival of Morrisville’s football legacy.

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