No Limbs, No Limits: Ray High School Football Welcomes a New Head Coach

The small mining town of Kearny, Arizona is buzzing with excitement as Ray High School’s football team welcomes a new head coach. What sets this coach apart is their extraordinary journey – they were born without arms or legs. Despite these challenges, they’re breaking barriers and inspiring the community with their dedication and passion for the sport.

Carter Crosland has taken the helm as the head coach of the Bearcats, an eight-player, 1A team in the Copper Corridor. Previously an assistant defensive coach at Wickenburg High School, Crosland brings valuable experience to his new role at Ray high school football. The school’s principal and athletic director, Bobby Armenta, revealed that Coach Carter outshined numerous other applicants to secure the position.

“I really loved his philosophy about coaching he’s been coaching for about 10 years roughly developing mostly defense which was something we needed to work on a little bit,” Armenta said. “It was an opportunity to give someone a chance who has gone through so much in his lifetime. He got to meet with our students yesterday and our kids just responded really well to him. They talked to me after the meeting and they were just ready to go.”

It’s been a while since Ray high school football last successful season in 2017, and the Bearcats completed the 2022 season with a 1-7 record. The team is eager to turn things around and regain their winning momentum.

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