Fayetteville’s 2023 High School Football Schedule: The Top 5 Games to Look Forward to This Year

Football enthusiasts, mark your calendars as high school football kicks off on Aug. 18 under the N.C. High School Athletic Association. Cumberland County’s 10 public schools are gearing up for three non-conference games before heading into seven nail-biting conference matchups. Here we discus top 5 Fayetteville High School football 2023 season.

The Fayetteville Observer recently analyzed each of Fayetteville’s high school football team schedules. Cape Fear surfaced with the most challenging schedule, while Douglas Byrd rounded off the list at 10th place.

In recent seasons, Pine Forest and Seventy-First have dominated their respective leagues, bagging back-to-back championships. The Trojans have made the All American Conference their own, and the Falcons have soared in the United 8.

Now, let’s take a sneak peek into the must-watch Fayetteville high school football 2023 conference games from late August to late October.

Westover vs. Pine Forest

Date: Sept. 15

The Trojans have dominated this rivalry with six consecutive wins, the last of which was a thrilling defensive clash that ended in a 14-13 overtime victory. This win powered Pine Forest to its second AAC championship in a row. The Wolverines will be eager to recover from their tough loss, which precipitated a rough patch of three losses in their next four games.

Cape Fear vs. Seventy-First

Date: Sept. 29

The Falcons and Colts may have lost some key players, but the teams are brimming with talented veterans ready to take the field in 2023. Seventy-First has been on a winning streak against Cape Fear, claiming four straight victories. Will Cape Fear manage to flip the script this year?

Terry Sanford vs. Pine Forest

Date: Sept. 29

Both these teams logged double-digit victories last season. However, Pine Forest held its ground, securing a 24-21 away win to maintain its winning streak against the Bulldogs. With the score tied in the last four meetings, the Bulldogs are raring to turn the tables this year.

Seventy-First vs. Jack Britt

Date: Oct. 6

Seventy-First boasts an impressive record of 14 consecutive league wins. But Jack Britt has come the closest to ending that streak, pushing the games down to the wire. This matchup is always filled with suspense, often decided in the dying moments of the fourth quarter.

South View vs. Jack Britt

Date: Oct. 27

The mill town showdown stands out as a highlight from last season, with Jack Britt edging out a 28-26 victory that struck a blow to South View’s playoff hopes. As these squads have met in the playoffs twice in the last four seasons, fans can expect another clash of titans in 2023.

Final Words

With games lined up from the cream of Fayetteville’s high school football scene, we’re in for a thrilling season. Let’s cheer on our young stars as they display their prowess and give their all on the field. Bring on the 2023 season!

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