Black Friday Showdown Michigan State vs Penn State at Ford Field

Michigan State University has revealed that the Spartans’ final regular football match of the 2023 season will take place against Penn State at Ford Field on Black Friday. Michigan State vs Penn State Football has led to the rescheduling of the high school football state championships to the weekend.

The football face-off between Michigan State vs Penn State Football is scheduled to broadcast at 7:30 p.m. in prime time on NBC on Friday, Nov. 24, the university confirmed.

The shift in the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) football state championships timetable means that the matches will now take place on Saturday, Nov. 25, and Sunday, Nov. 26, instead of the original Friday and Saturday.

Geoff Kimmerly, spokesperson for the MHSAA, mentioned that this arrangement is a temporary “one-year deal.” The organization plans to work with schools to finalize the championship schedule, particularly if any district has reservations about playing on Sunday.

Kimmerly explained the historical pattern to News 8 Wednesday:

“Normally, the even-numbered 11-player divisions would play on Friday and the odd-numbered divisions on Saturday.” However, this year’s schedule may diverge based on evolving situations regarding team availability.

Kimmerly emphasized that there were never plans to relocate the finals. He praised Ford Field, stating, “Michigan is so fortunate to have Ford Field,” and emphasized the benefits of its shelter from wintry conditions, even if this means sliding the schedule back a day.

Kimmerly disclosed that the MHSAA was involved in discussions about the schedule change around a month ago. He expressed gratitude for the continual support from Ford Field and MSU in accommodating MHSAA events and noted that this was a chance for MHSAA to reciprocate.

With upcoming modifications to the college football timetable, moving it earlier in the year, Kimmerly expects no future scheduling conflicts for MHSAA.

Meanwhile, the Detroit Lions will face the Green Bay Packers at Ford Field at 8:15 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

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