Possible solution found for Williamson High School football stadium

Exciting news for Williamson high school! The Mobile County School Board has agreed on a proposed 99-year lease for the property next to the school, which is Harmon Thomas Park. This brings Williamson one step closer to having its own stadium.

However, there is still one more hurdle to overcome: approval from the department of housing and urban development. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Williamson will soon have a stadium to call their own.

Williamson high school has been pushing for their own stadium for over a year now. However, officials discovered that the school was landlocked when they started exploring options. Fortunately, there was a solution: purchasing the property next to the school from the City of Mobile.

This would provide the necessary space to build a stadium and bring Williamson’s dream one step closer to reality. With determination and hard work, we hope to see Williamson students soon enjoying their very own stadium.

“They feel very positive that Hud will approve the project, just don’t know the timeframe but we’re going to take that information and continue to move forward,” said MCPSS Superintendent, Chresal Threadgill.

Williamson’s plan for a new stadium is on hold until they receive approval from Hud. The city had purchased the property from Hud in the late 1960s, making Hud’s approval necessary for the project to move forward.

However, some Williamson alumni, like Prattis Williams, are unsure about what to believe. We hope that all parties involved can come together to resolve any issues and make Williamson’s dream of having their own stadium a reality.

“Because at first it was, we don’t know who owns it, then it was the city, oh it’s Harmon rec, now it’s Hud. So every other day it’s a different excuse,” said Williams,

We reached out to the city for a statement; a spokesperson said in part:

“The administration’s goal is to have a proposed lease for the mobile city council to consider at a meeting in early April. The city’s legal team has also requested clarification from Hud about what requirements, if any, would be needed to change the *use of this property.”

The superintendent says Hud’s approval could take anywhere from a month to a year.

Exciting news for Williamson high school football fans! The Mobile County School Board will be discussing a possible agreement with the City of Mobile to use Harmon Park for the construction of a new stadium for Williamson. However, the agreement will be subject to possible restrictions from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), who sold the property to the city in the late 1960s.

The agreement had specified that the land be developed with amenities such as parking lots, baseball and football fields, and lighted tennis courts. We hope that negotiations go smoothly and that Williamson will soon have a brand new stadium to call their own.

Williamson high school was originally scheduled to have their own stadium built this year, along with Davidson, B.C. Rain, Vigor, and LeFlore. However, further studies revealed that there was not enough space on campus for the stadium to be built.

This setback has not dampened the spirits of Williamson students and supporters, as they continue to push for their own stadium. We hope that a solution can be found that will make Williamson’s dream a reality.

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